Moby Wrap: Classic

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Moby Wrap: soft, supportive, classic.  The fabric is so soft, like a t-shirt, with lovely stretch to allow for an easy, secure and comfortable carry.

As of 2016, all Moby Wrap baby wraps are lighter weight!  All the comfort and stretch of the original, but more breathable and streamlined.


The Original Moby Wrap is a best seller and a parent favorite for its comfort, style, and great value.

  • We love the Moby Wrap for babies 8-20 lbs.  Usable up to 35 lbs.
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable on cold, tumble dry low (we recommend a lingerie bag to keep your wrap from getting tangled up in other items)
  • One size fits all – this carrier is very adjustable to grow with your baby and is both petite- and plus-size friendly!

Additional information

Weight1.68 lbs
Dimensions8.75 × 5 × 5.5 in
Special Features

Best Uses


Age of Child



Age specifics

6-12, Infant 0-4, Infant 4-6

Body Type

Narrow, plus-16, plus-18, recommended-for-petite-wearers



10-15, 7-10


No Buckles

Color Filter

Beige/Cream, Yellow, Blue

4 reviews for Moby Wrap: Classic

  1. melissa

    The Moby Wrap has been a lifesaver for me. Whenever my baby is fussy or tired, I can wrap him up tight against me, and he calms right down and usually goes to sleep. The wrap looks difficult to use, but once you do it a couple times, it becomes really easy.

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  2. Kayla

    The moby wrap was a wonderful carrier for my daughter in the first 6 months. It kept her close and snuggly allowing me to do simple things like cook or do laundry and let her sleep. It was also wonderful to keep her close and not have to use a stroller on outings where there were lots of people in a small space. only down side was she got too heavy for it very quickly and we had to upgrade to a different carrier.

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  3. Lorie (verified owner)

    With my 7th baby I discovered Moby and purchased 3 different colors so they would always be accessible! He loved it and lived in it ALL the time b/c I was always on the go. I used the Moby till he was over 2 and at that point usually for times when we were out and he was tired. It was like magic, he would go right to sleep. As he got older I used it for a back carrier when hiking. Can’t wait to use it again with number 8! Love my Moby’s!!! The Moby blanket is awesome for swaddling and I loved it b/c it was the same fabric as the Moby so it was something my baby was used too and would help him stay asleep when I actually laid him down(which wasn’t often).

  4. Courtney Hammond (verified owner)

    So I haven’t had my Moby long, but I love it. I have a very colicky baby and the only way she falls asleep is being wrapped in her moby. It’s warm and I personally think it’s extremely comfortable. At first it was pretty hard and awkward to get on, but I am getting better the more I do it. I am sure this is very common with this type of carrier. I love the color because my baby has already spit up on it and it left no stains and was easy to clean per the instructions. I also bought a Tula recently and while this is more convenient to get on and off the moby remains my babies favorite comfort wise.

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