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9 Best Meh Tai Baby Carriers(Pros and Cons)

Corallium Soul Meh Dai | Soul Slings Meh Dai | Mei Tai

What is Meh Dai/Mei Tai/Meh Dai?

A Meh Dai is an East-Asian style of soft-bodied carrier, originally from China. 

For carrying fans, use halfway between baby carrier and scarf.

The meh dai has a square or rectangular body panel with four straps, one on each corner of the center panel.  The baby is seated in the body panel and the straps of the meh dai are tied around the wearer. Meh Dais almost feels like a midway point between the flimsy “wrap” carriers and a structured carrier,it is a baby carrier that is faster to use than a sling.

This type of carrier is wonderful for babies through toddler age and is especially great for caregivers with back issues, as the carrier distributes weight over your entire upper body and uses 2 shoulders.

Meh Dai carriers can be used for front and back carries through preschool age as well as for hip carries. This carrier offers the option to nurse hand free, though some women with larger breasts may find it slightly difficult.

Table of Contents

10 Best Meh Dai Baby Carriers

Editor’s Choice

Our Rating:
  • High-quality fabric

  • Perfect Fit

  • Safe and Comfort

Best for Toddler

LILLEbaby LILLElight Baby Carrier

Our Rating:
  • Easy to use
  • Fashionable yet relaxed look
  • Organic cotton and natural hemp blended fibers
  • 3 carrying positions: Fetal Inward, Infant Inward, and Back Carry

Multi Purpose Choice

Boppy Newborn Baby Carrier

Our Rating:
  • Comfy tank-top style straps
  • For newborns.  (minimum weight: 5 pounds)
  • Machine washable
  • Compatible with c section belly

Moby Easy-Wrap Carrier

Our Rating:
  • Convenient click-and-go buckle and tie closure
  • Easily adjustable waist 
  • 100% cotton
  • Comfy padded back support and sash guide
Catbird Baby Pikkolo
Our Rating:
  • Five carrying positions

  • Premium memory foam in the shoulder straps

  • Dual-adjustable buckles

Infantino Sash Wrap
Our Rating:
  • Detachable hood

  • Padded straps

  • Toddler use

suse's kinder mei tai
Suse’s Kinder Mei Tai
Our Rating:
  • Adjustable head and leg support

  • Thinner and less hot

  • Wide straps

Viedouce Meh Dai
Viedouce Baby Wrap
Our Rating:
  • Cotton Linen Blend

  • Machine wash and dry

  • Long enough ties

Viedouce Baby Wrap
Our Rating:
  • Beautiful print 

  • Nice cotton


Malishastik Mei Tai
Our Rating:
  • Head support


Why we love Meh Dais (mei tais):

  • Versatile and easy to learn
  • Super adjustable
  • Minimalist feel – no buckles, no bulky padding, no stiff waistband
  • One size fits most, so caregivers of different sizes can share the carrier
  • Gorgeous prints and patterns!
  • Great for people with back and shoulder problems since they distribute weight over both shoulders
  • Meh Dai is easier and faster to use than slings.

Meh Dais (mei tais) are not ideal for:

  • Wet, muddy days (due to difficulty of keeping straps from dragging on the ground)
  • People only interested in hip carry (there are easier hip carriers)
  • Newborn nursing (there are better carriers)
  • People who aren’t able to tie and untie knots

Anatomy of  Meh Dai

This picture shows a Soul Meh Dai laid out flat.  This Meh Dai has wide wrap-style straps, which differentiates it from other styles, which may have narrower straps.

Soul Meh Dai | What is a Meh Dai | What is a Mei Tai

Basics of the Meh Dai style carrier:

  1. The body of the meh dai. This rectangular piece of cloth becomes the seat for the baby and supports’s baby’s legs and back.
  2. The waistband: this is the band that goes around the wearer’s waist. It is fastened using the waist straps (#4). Maybe padded or unpadded, depending on the brand. On the Soul Meh Dai, the waist is wide and unpadded
  3. The shoulder straps of a meh dai go over the wearer’s shoulders. Shoulder straps are long enough to wrap around wearer’s body and are often crossed on the back for comfort.  Straps are fastened by tying a knot.
  4. Waist straps – these are the straps that fasten around the wearer’s waist and secure with a knot.
  5. Hood – optional. Not all meh dai carriers have hoods. For those that do, the hood is used to cover baby’s head for some protection from the elements and also to support the head when baby is sleeping.

Note: Meh Dais were formerly referred to as Mei Tais on our site and elsewhere. We have changed this spelling to Meh Dai in keeping with our values of cultural sensitivity.  The spelling “Meh Dai” is is a better English approximation of the Cantonese pronunciation of this carrier; it can also be spelled Bei Dai, which is similar to the pronunciation in Mandarin.

For more information about the history of the name and the appropriate pronunciation, go here.

How to Wear Meh Dai Baby Carrier(pictures and videos)

Step1:Find the center of the wrap, wrap the shorter panels around your waist, and tie a knot.

Step2:Hold your baby in front of you, cover his/her back with Viedouce wrap seat.

Step3:Crisscross the longer panels on your back.

Step4:Wrap the longer panels on/under your baby’s legs and tie a knot behind your back.

Even if it is easy to use, a little mastery of wearing a scarf is necessary because you really need to put on and tighten the ends of the meh dai for maximum comfort and security.
Simply tie around the belly double knots, put the child in, straps over the shoulder, restrain, cross, forward and back a simple knot, lift legs, and you’re done.

How to Wear  Newborns in Mei Tai 

Forward-facing carry for babies around 4 months or up

Inward facing carry from birth to toddler

Back carry when for babies around 6 months or up

5 Best Meh Dai/Meh Tai Baby Carrier

#1.DIDYMOS Meh-Dai


Hands free again whilst baby is happily snoozin ! I use it around town shopping and on 2hr country walks alike.


Unique Material

The Meh Dai is in itself very good in its workmanship
DIDYMOS using only high-quality GOTS-certified organic cotton, safe, non-toxic dyes.The fabric is for the sole purpose of baby wearing. 
Beautifully woven of cotton is strong which means it will carry baby for ages.
Love the design and colour too

Perfect Fit
DIDYMOS Can be worn on three ways: front, back and hip.
DIDYMOS Meh-Dai is one size fits , no matter you are petite or plus size parents, its fully adjustable for a perfect fit 
The ultra adjustable side and really top and fits really as baby grows.It can be used from newborn to pre-school age.

Safe and Comfort
DIDYMOS Meh-Dai is really comfy to wear and baby will loves it too,and it is also very easy to put in a bag to take it with you. 
Since there are no buckles, snaps or Velcro fasteners, there is nothing that can scratch, harm or wake your baby.

 Backed by a 3-year Warranty

The main downside is that it takes a while to get used to as you need to put it on whilst holding baby to your chest,and the tapes drape on the floor whilst you do it so need to find suitable place to put it on.





#2.Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

Infantino Sash Wrap

Second kid, still a winner - even compared to much pricier carriers!!

So cute, comfortable, can use well into toddlerhood, and a great value!


Infantino meh dai is comfortable, good quality can use well into toddlerhood, Well worth the price!

It was super lightweight, still durable.
Especially loved it for wearing a toddler on the back(Carry children up to 36 pound)

Canvas/cotton type material is cooler to wear for those warm days.
The shoulder straps are very wide and padded, and the lower straps have nice support. It also comes with a detachable hood for when it is sunny or when your little one is sleeping.
Infantino is very versatile that you can do a front carry, side carry and back carry. You could breastfeed in this carrier

The easy on/off is great. Going out and about is a lot easier and more enjoyable.
You can leave it tied on around your waist and then re-wrap it without having to put baby down. Unlike some wraps which require 2 hands to re-wrap
Once you got the hang of how to wrap it, it’s pretty comfortable

The only complaint about the Infantino is that there is no pocket and it seemed a little tall for an infant.





#3.Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier

Catbird Baby Pikkolo
Catbird Baby Pikkolo

still use for our 18 month old fab as does the frog leg thing that protects little ones hips


The Catbird pikkolo Mai Tei style with buckles offers so much versatility to the wearer and baby alike.

The memory foam padding straps are very comfy
The straps can criss-Cross that aren’t too excessively bulky,is pretty cozy,
widely adjustable for different users.

Nice hood built-in
Catbird also included the rain/sleep hood, had an expandable crotch.
It protects her from the sun, you can also put it over the child when he needs to nap.

Catbird pikkolo is good for petite people.
Pikkolo tightened small enough for petite/slender individual waist, fit body extremely well. The carrier with support around the waist to prevent backache while baby wearing

The range in baby/child size is great.
One of the few baby carriers that can go from infant to toddler without an insert. If your baby is small for her age, put a rolled-up diaper cloth under her bum in the past to prop her up a little higher and it worked.
We highly recommend this carrier, more so if you have more then one kid.

Easy to use, unlike other wraps, perfect fit with little adjustments and comfortable, the color and quality are really high quality, well worth the money for this one!





suse's kinder mei tai
Suse's Kinder Mei Tai

I like the Mei tei because I feel like he is more snuggly and natural to me than with my last carrier. I love this, and for the price it's great.


Suse’s Kinder is a wonderfully comfortable Mei Tai style carrier, soft and comfy! for the price it’s great.

It is undyed cotton so you are able to customize it.
You can dye this carrier with natural dye.

The panel is thinner but very sturdy. Also, the button panel is good for support.
There are some of the unique features of the One and Only.
The attached hood can be unbuttoned or buttoned to 3 different heights. It is easy to roll down and use it to support the baby’s head if necessary and also easy to button into place to hold little one’s head if the baby falls asleep. It does go up more if you button up the head support.
and the crotch support area can be adjusted in width from 6 ” to 16 inches”

The CMW team also appreciates the thicker wide straps which allow for more personalized carrying.
The extra fabric makes this combo style mei tai more comfortable than the other ones with just thin straps (which may cause back pain).

Suse’s Kinder Meh Dai also works well on a plus-size frame and a skinny baby.

The only minor negative is the waist straps are very wide and therefore were a little hard to knot.

BuySuse’s Kinder on Amazon



Viedouce Meh Dai
Viedouce Baby Wraps Carrier

Great for travel and hiking!

3 month old feel asleep within 5 mins!! With colic. Holds snug yet very breathable, love the extra head support! Great for people with back pain.


For the price, this thing is AMAZING.There are also tons of nice features.

The fabric is cotton linen blend , thick and sturdy, nice supportive!
Material is a little tough but softens as you use and wash it.
Holds snug yet ensures breathability,so it won’t get hot during summer heat.
The color is stone grey color,,a fabulous neutral,both mom and dad can use it

The fabric ties are very nice and long.
The lengthened widened waist belt fits wearers of all body types ,even plus size and pregnant people,reduces stress on shoulder,back & waist.
It is free size so both moms and dads can use it.

The head support cushion protects and supports baby head,ensures baby is comfortable and doesn’t have fabric digging on their back/neck.!

The best thing about Viedouce Meh Dai is that it is actually easy to use. You can tie it in many ways. It is pre-made and all you have to do is tie it. Just make sure to keep tension on it at all times.

CMW team also like that it is easy to fold up and put in bag,perfect for r an long-distance trip or hike with little one.

The only complaint is the straps are a bit long, so be aware of that while you are wrapping .

Buy Viedouce Meh Dai on Amazon



Final Thoughts

Many people searched a long time for a new carrier and chanced on Meh Dai after using buckle carriers and wraps.

 Mei tei is more snuggly and natural than other carriers.
Meh Dai is thinner and less hot than the moby, more supportive than ring sling, and more fortable than the SSCs , literally, this one beats all of them with comfort!

At first, you may dislike Meh Dai , you couldn’t figure out how to use it.
Tying directions seemed difficult at first, but you’ll get it soon after a few practices and use.

Don’t hesitate to get the Meh Dai, you will not be disappointed.

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