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Fit check! Quick tips for wearing your Onbuhimo

Onbuhimo are awesome carriers which many wearers love, especially for quick ups with kids who want up and down a lot and want to see the world.  Little ones love that they ride high on the wearers back and get to see out!

It’s important to know that onbuhimo are worn high up on the shoulders and this is very different from standard buckle carriers where there is a waistband.  If you are having trouble getting comfortable in your onbuhimo, here are a few Fit Check tips for you!


  1. Panel goes to child’s armpit height.  If it goes any lower, try getting a deeper seat in the panel of the carrier.
  2. Have baby’s arm’s out of the carrier (at least to start)
  3. Child’s shoulders are parallel to wearer’s shoulders – this is unlike traditional structured carriers with a padded waist belt. In traditional carriers, the child is more centered on wearer’s back.
  4. Chest clip is at a comfortable level for wearer.  There is no single sweet spot for the chest clip – play with it until it feels good to you!  You want it so that is is not so low that the bust area is too squeezed and not so high that the neck feels restricted.

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