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Best baby carriers for a breastfeeding your baby

Looking for a carrier for breastfeeding?  If you are planning to breastfeed your child (or are buying a sling for a mama who plans to nurse her baby), having a carrier that makes breastfeeding easy can be critical!

Since babies nurse every 2-3 hours in those early months, a carrier can be a blessing both for your body and for your ability to get a few things done around the house. Once you get the hang of breastfeeding your baby, it will be wonderful to have a carrier to help!

The absolute best carrier for breastfeeding? The carrier you already have and feel comfortable with!  Seriously, pretty much any carrier can be used to nurse your baby.  Carriers just differ in the amount of support that they offer, their adjustability, the coverage, etc.

My Favorite Carrier for Breastfeeding: Ring Sling

breastfeeding in a ring sling
If you prefer, you can use the tail of a ring sling for privacy or to help your curious little one to stay focused.

Ring slings are the easiest carrier to get started with, because they allow you to hold your baby in the classic reclined nursing position and then easily switch them back to the recommended upright position once they are done with their meal.

You can also nurse in an upright position in the ring sling.  This is usually easier once baby is older and your breastfeeding is well established.

Best carrier for breastfeeding: Ring sling

Other factors that make ring slings my top choice of baby carrier for breastfeeding: they are easy to use, very adjustable, and you can get a super secure carry even while nursing. The tail also offers coverage if you want it- who needs a nursing cover when you have a gorgeous ring sling!

Any of our ring slings, including the Maya Wrap and Moby Ring Sling ,will make a wonderful carrier for breastfeeding.

Most Versatile Carrier for Breastfeeding Wraps

Best carrier for breastfeeding: Wrapsody Hybrid

Wraps (both stretchy and woven) offer a very secure carry for breastfeeding. They also offer good coverage (f you want it).   Wraps are extremely versatile and you can tie them in many different ways so that you are always comfortable.  Having the option to tie the wrap so that it is spread over both shoulders can be easiest on your body, as well.

You can breastfeed in a wrap in the reclined position or in an upright position.  Remember that it’s always best to return baby to the upright position when they are done nursing.

Getting started with a wrap as your carrier for breastfeeding:

I prefer a wrap with some in it, such as the Wrapsody Hybrid wrap. In my experience, these wraps are easiest to get started with because you can pre-tie them and just pop baby in for nursing.  This is crucial when you have a screaming baby!  Their stretchiness gives stretchy wraps the edge over woven wraps as baby carriers for breastfeeding a beginner, but once you get the hang of woven wraps, nothing beats them for support!  Wraps only rate lower for than ring slings because they are a bit trickier to get on, which can be frustrating, especially when you are just getting started!

Buckle Carriers and Meh Dais for breastfeeding

Pretty much any carrier can be adapted for breastfeeding, and that includes buckle carriers and meh dais .

While both of these carriers can absolutely be used for as baby carriers for breastfeeding, please note that they usually need to be unbuckled or untied a bit.  The position can be slightly awkward (also depending on how big your breasts are) and the baby’s head will need to be supported the baby while nursing.  But since many people are (or will be) using a buckle carrier already, it’s great to know that they can work!

Here’s a quick video that CMA Team member Allison made of how to nurse in a buckle carrier.  She is using the Tula but the same idea applies to any buckle carrier.

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