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Best Baby Carrier for Petite Moms & Dads Buyers Guide

If you are on your search for the Best Baby Carrier for Petite Moms and Dads you have landed on the right page!

Once you get your baby into loving embrace it is hard to let it go! And we totally understand this feeling and the bond that is created between the parents, caregivers and the baby! After all, this is why baby carriers have been designed.

Although most of the baby carriers are adjustable in regards to the size that fits all, finding the right size of a baby carrier when you a petite mom or dad can be a bit overwhelming and challenging. With all the other things to know about your newborn (and we trust you there is quite a number) figuring out the one that will work well for you as a petite parent, might cause additional stress and tiredness.

So, the question is: How can you be certain that you will pick the right one? What are the most important things to consider when buying one? Which are the most popular choice? Well, look no further as we did the research for you! That’s where this guide comes into play.

This is the most comprehensive guide that will help you choose and find your personal favorite baby carrier for petite moms and dads among the carefully listed baby carriers based on proven first-hand experience. We will also state the criteria that you need to take into consideration when purchasing this type of baby carrier.

Before we start, just in brief let us mention the two most popular carriers among petite wearers that have a proven record of practicality and usefulness.

  1. The first one that we gladly recommend and it is our choice is the Tula Free to Grow which is much adored by moms because it is simple to put it on and put it off. The comfort of wear is another reason in favor of this baby carrier.
  2. This one is closely followed by Baby K’Tan, which is the parents’ choice and a favorite wrap as it is made of 100% cotton and so soft for the sensitive baby skin.

So, let’s get started step by step.

Editors Choice

Our Rating
Discover Tula Half Buckle | Half Buckle Canvas Tula Carrier | Tula Carriers | Tula Baby Carriers
tula free to grow

Favourite Baby Carrier & Editors Choice..

What we really like about Tula Free to Grow is that it is suitable for newborn babies with weight as little as 7 pounds without the need of additional insert for the infant. And, not only this but what’s more important for the growing babies is that this baby carrier grows with the baby with the possibility for adjusting in height and width; so you can use Tula Free to Grow until the toddler is 45 pounds.

In addition, we love the many sizes as well as combinations of carrying that guarantee ergonomics which on its behalf ensures proper spine development and healthy hips for the baby, in addition to the comfort of wearing for the parent.

If there is one thing that parents worry that must definitely be: “What when it gets dirty? Can it be washed in a machine? To everyone’s relief, the answer is positive.

Parents also love the ease of use and the versatility so one of the many happy customers says: “The FTG is very comfortable and the snaps for changing the size is very easy. I’m so happy I waited for this carrier to come out instead of having to buy a standard and a toddler carrier for my 2 kids.” Another parent adds: It’s so comfortable and easy to put on, no more adjusting my sling for 5 minutes in the parking lot! I’m so happy I waited for this carrier to come out instead of having to buy a standard and a toddler carrier for my 2 kids.

Moms especially like the many prints and cute designs that they can choose from and thus the majority agrees with this mother saying: “I love the print it’s very stylish and the colors are beautiful with perfect shades of pink.”

Parents Choice

Our Rating
baby k'tan

Favourite Wrap & Parents Choice..

One of the things that we find appealing about Baby K’Tan is that it is a wrap-style carrier that needs no wrapping! There are no extra annoying clasps or buckles but it is ready to wear carrier ideal from the very start until the child is 35 pounds.

You can carry your baby in five different positions. This wrap is made of soft 100% cotton so keep in mind that it might take some time for the feeling of tight snug to disappear due to the features of the cotton. In addition, there is a great storage bag for the carrier that comes with it.

This is one great carrier but what you should really consider when buying it, as it comes in different sizes is that you can not share it with another person if you are not the same size.

Parents love it because of the simple design that fits both men and women and if you are in love with the wraps but not a fan of all the steps that you need to take in order to use the wrap, this baby carrier would be an ideal choice for you.

It is popular among parents because it is a wrap that comes ready for use. Lots of parents also praise it because it is convenient for breastfeeding when you are on the go. One customer says:” It feels SAFE. I can honestly say it easy simple to position her safely and comfortably in this thing, and get her in and out without assistance.”

Petite parents also love this as it can be purchased in XXS size that is not often found.

Table of Contents

Types of Baby Carriers

In case you are wondering which options are there and what are the most common types of baby carriers to choose from, here are our recommendations for the best carriers for a petite mom, dad or other caregivers!

Buckle Carriers

One of the most commonly used types of a baby carrier is definitely the Buckle Carrier. Parents love buckle carriers because compared to the wraps, here you just have to buckle and you are ready to go. Dads, especially appreciate this type.

In addition, they are great for sharing with the partner of different sizes, thus making them ideal for long walks or hiking. Babies love them too as they find them comfortable and they cover a period from newborn to toddler.

When it comes to its use with petite wearers it can be quite a challenge to find the right one. This is mostly due to the padding in the shoulders, which is considered rather bulky. Another issue that often arises with this type of carrier is the broad waistband that can represent an issue for shorter parents.

However, these carriers make a popular choice among parents. After careful research, our recommendation is to have a look at Tula Free To Grow carrier.
In addition, it would be nice to check Beco Gemini as well as many petite moms love it.


In general, wraps make an ideal solution for newborns mostly due to the comfort they provide and the offered support to the natural position of the baby (spread-squat position). The only thing that requires a lot of practice is the tying which makes a lot of parents insecure and doubtful if they did it well and if the baby is secured.

The wraps are perfect for supporting the feeling of the bond between the newborn and their parents because of the feeling of closeness that they provide. Thus the baby feels secure as often they are settled by the parents’ heartbeat.

As the wraps are adjustable in size they make a perfect choice for the petite parents and can be shared with the other caregivers of different sizes. In addition, they are budget-friendly as compared to other options they are usually a more affordable option. However, we have to admit that it does take a bit of practice to get used to the process of tying.

Baby K’tan is the parents’ choice for a baby carrier. Another popular choice that we can recommend is the Boba Wrap. There are many satisfied customers who recommend Boba Wrap as the best one out there from this type.

Ring Slings

A popular choice for petite moms, dads, and other caregivers are the ring slings. If you are a parent for the first time you might feel overwhelmed with all this information about different types of baby products.

One of the common questions that parents ask is: “Aren’t the ring slings the same as wraps?” Although there are many similarities the basic difference is tying. The fastening and adjusting is made with the help of the rings compared to the wraps where you have to make a secure tie.

The other difference is the fabric – ring slings are typically made of woven fabric. It is a great option for petite caregivers as it fits parents with different sizes and it is also great for beginners because of the rings that make it easier to master the skill of fastening.

Another question that worries parents is the security of the baby and the possibility of the sling to unfasten itself. This issue is solved with the weight of the baby that prevents the rings from sleeping as the ring slips form a kind of pouch for the baby where it feels the comfort and security of being close to parents.

However, one of the things to have in mind with this type of a baby carrier is that it is not recommendable for parents or caregivers who have shoulder or back pain and can be rather uncomfortable when used for a longer time.

If you think that this type of baby carrier might be suitable for you, we would recommend our favorite ring sling Nalakai Luxury. This sling was previously known under the name Pura Vida.

Another option is Maya Wrap Ring Sling. It is super comfortable for the growing baby and super adjustable for the caregivers. It also has an extra pocket with a zip, perfect for some essentials when on the go.

Meh Dai Carriers

If you cannot make up your mind between the wrap and the buckle carrier, you should consider the meh dai carrier, as this is a combination of these two.

At first glance, it looks very much like the buckle carrier but instead of buckles, you will have to tie the straps. It is a great option for petite parents as these carries are adjustable and can be easily shifted between two or more caregivers.

The two shoulder straps are adjustable and the other two that go around the waist need to be tied up. The tying, although it takes some time to practice, is much easier compared to the process of tying for wraps.

It is best used for toddlers especially as it has extra padding on the shoulders which is important when you carry heavier or older kids.

Most of these carriers are used not from the start but rather with babies 6 months and older and the tying does take some practice which can be a con for some parents.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Baby Carrier:

What do you as a petite caregiver need to consider when choosing a baby carrier?

Most of the wraps and baby carriers have not been specifically designed for petite caregivers. However, when we are choosing the best baby carrier for petite moms and dads we need to be careful about the adjustable straps, the size, and the waistbelt. This is important as you want a carrier that can be customized to fit your requirements. It also matters for the growing baby.

When we are talking about petite moms, dads, and caregivers we should not go for the universal size that fits all. Instead, try to look for baby carriers that come into different sizes as sometimes the adjustability might not be enough.

The comfort of the carrier and the baby as well is one of the prime reasons on which you should base your decision. You should especially be careful with the ring slings as you would like a proper distribution of the weight without creating the feeling in shoulder or back pain or any strain. Remember that the child is growing and sometimes you would have to carry it for a longer period so even if you feel some strain it should be minimal.

It is essential to purchase a carrier that keeps your baby safe and secured in a position that does not cause any discomfort and allows proper growing and position of sitting in the carrier, which is of great significance for the newborns and hips.

As a parent, you will also want to make sure that the fastening is secured well and the baby is safely strapped. So check all the options for fastening, buckles, and straps or learn more about different ways of tying.

Our Shortlist: The 6 Best Baby Carriers for Petite Moms

Discover Tula Half Buckle | Half Buckle Canvas Tula Carrier | Tula Carriers | Tula Baby Carriers
tula free to grow


Baby Tula Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier is an ergonomic carrier that has been specially designed in a way that allows the baby to grow. Petite moms love this carrier because of this.

There are straps that can be adjusted at two points for height adjustment that provides secure carrying of the baby close to your heart. It can be used from a newborn until the baby is 45 pounds.

Petite caregivers mostly use the front position although there is one more (back). Some of the parents consider a con that this baby carrier has only two positions. On the shoulder straps, there is extra padding that alleviates the possible pressure. It also possesses waistband that can be adjusted according to the size.

This might be the right choice for you if like a compact and lightweight carrier with appropriate distribution of the weight of the baby, that you will be able to use it long-term.





Beco Gemini Cool Grey
Beco Gemini


Beco Gemini is a baby carrier that is stylish and offers four different ways of carrying the baby. It had padded shoulders and the adjustable straps that can be crossed on the back for increased comfort. The leg holes are also padded and there is head support for the newborns.

It is also perfect for use from the very start as it covers 7 to 35 pounds and the straps can be adjusted accordingly.

It is possible to change the position of the baby from inward to outward or vice versa without the need of taking the carrier off. It has super comfy wide shoulder straps and an option to cross the straps on the back. Compared to Tula Free to Grow where there are only two ways of carrying the baby, this carrier has 4 different positions of carrying the baby.





Maya Wrap Ring Sling


The Maya Wrap is a ring sling style of a carrier that can be used for newborns from 8 to 35 pounds. It can be customized with the help of the rings and fabric and adjusted accordingly for different parents’ size. Moreover, due to its adjustability, it can be used by more than one caregiver.

The rings are used for adjusting and there is a small pocket on the side for the basic essentials like car keys. Maya Wrap is easy to put on and adjust while on the go. Babies love it as it is comfortable. Parents feel comfortable while wearing and in addition, it comes also at affordable prices.





Nalakai Luxury Ring Sling


Nalakai Luxury sling is in compliance with ASTM and CPSIA standards. The sling is made of linen fabric and bamboo and it is proven to be low flammable and with great strength. It has unwelded rings and an ergonomic layout that provides even distribution of the weight. Thus there is less pressure on the neck and shoulders. What is more important it keeps the newborns in position M which is great for the development of hips.

What parents really like about this carrier is its design that provides a safe position for proper physical growth.

This baby carrier might be an excellent choice if one is searching for an affordable carrier. In addition, you will get a lifetime guarantee. It is superb for petite moms and dads because of the un-welded rings made of aluminum that can be adjusted to fit the smaller size. It is extremely soft and comfortable for the newborns and babies as it is made of linen fabric and soft bamboo.





Baby K'tan


Baby K’tan might be a perfect choice if you are a caregiver who is looking for a wrap but likes the ease of use of a carrier. You can easily put and take off Baby K’ Tan. If you a fan of wraps but hesitant about choosing one because of the tying then Baby K’tan would be a great choice for you as it provides hassle-free wearing. One thing to be careful is sizing as it comes in 6 different sizes and lots of parents claim that it can be quite a challenge to find the right size.

Although it comes in a number of sizes it is not adjustable. It is suitable for petite parents due to the wraps that can go around the back in the shape of X.

One other thing that is awesome about Baby K’ Tan is that there are 3 layers of fabric that is elastic but it does not cause sweating and hotness of the baby. Babies sit comfortably in a frog position and this carrier has a certification for being hip-healthy.




Boba Wrap is one of the most popular choices when it comes to wraps. Some of the reasons behind this are the breathability of the material which makes it perfect for newborns and up to kids 35 pounds. This means that you will be able to use this carrier for a year to a year and a half.

It does not come in sizes but it is highly adjustable and because of the stretchy material it allows proper positions for the growing babies. It is machine-washable and does not loose from the quality.

As it is highly-adjustable it is the perfect choice for petite caregivers. Parents who have used it are extremely satisfied with the stretchy and soft fabric but do admit that it can take some time to learn how to wrap it.

In order to tighten it securely, there might be a need to wrap it around the body a few times which can cause heat especially in areas with a milder and hotter climate.

Many parents agree that it helps in soothing colic babies and due to the soft material it provides a comfy place for sleeping of the babies.






In this article, we tried to present all the necessary information for you to bring the right decision when it comes to choosing the best carrier for petite moms, dads, and other caregivers.

When you are a petite parent it can be pretty challenging to choose the best baby carrier for your little one and for you. We did the research for you and narrowed the selection down to 5 baby carriers. In addition, we advise you what you should take into consideration when choosing the perfect one for you, as a petite parent.

While there might not be one and only baby carrier that is the best for every single family, we strongly believe that you will find the baby carrier that mostly suits your needs and budget from our recommended list of 5 best.

For more on how to choose a baby carrier and various compare charts of different baby carriers,click on the link to see all the articles we’ve written for you:

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