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Beco Gemini vs Ergobaby Omni 360 Comparison Chart

There are many different branded baby carriers on the market, the Beco baby carrier and the Ergo baby carrier are Two of the most popular baby carriers.

Both are very similar and high quality, the CMW team has a lot of readers ask to compare the difference between the ergo baby Omni 360 and Beco Gemini.

So,lets get started

Ergobaby VS Beco Comparison Chart

best-selling structured carrier 

Beco Gemini

BECO GEMINi baby carrier

Ergobaby Omni 360

ergobaby omni 360

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Item weight1.63 lbs 2.20 lbs
Weight range7 – 35 lbs7 – 45lb


Newborn carryingYes

No infant insert needed



(The newborn insert is required if baby is under 5.5kg.)

Carry optionsFront facing-in

Front facing-out,

Hip and back carry

Front facing-in

Front facing-out

Hip and back carry


Crossable strapsYesYes
Waistband lengthWaistband extends to 52 inchesWaist that extends to 55 inches.


Summer versionYes

(the mesh fabric may leave marks on baby)


(the mesh fabric may leave marks on baby)

Material100% cotton100% cotton
Cons1. The buckles difficult to use:

the safety buckle needing two hands to get the thing off.

difficult is releasing the side buckles

2. Useless pocket

the pocket upfront is small

3.No sun hood

1. Too big for small babies and petite parents.

2. The newborn insert is required of your baby is under 5.5kg.

3. The buckle at the back is not easy to fasten if nobody’s helping you;

Pros1. Adorable look, cute patterns, more fun colors.

2. Less bulky than Omni 360

3. Cooler than the other baby carriers

1. The waist buckle is easier to unfasten than the Beco

2. Baby privacy hood (upf 50+) sun & wind protection.

3. Comes with an additional removable storage pouch.3

Especially For the crowd1. for small babies

2. if you are petite

Plus-sized people


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