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Checklist for Getting Comfortable in Your Baby Wrap

Looking to get comfortable in your new baby wrap?

Suffering from an achy back or a sore neck?

Does your child fuss or seem uncomfortable in your wrap?

Trying a new wrap position and can’t seem to make it work?

Read our quick checklist of troubleshooting tips for getting you and your baby comfy in your wrap!

As any wrapper knows, there are countless ways to tie your wrap; regardless of which carry or tie you choose, this checklist will help you get comfortable!  These tips can be used for wrapping with any woven or stretchy wrap, including Moby Wraps, Wrapsody Breeze and Wrapsody Hybrid wraps.

#1: Check that you have good posture!  An achy back is usually caused by poor posture or by a baby wrap tied too loosely.

Good posture in wrap front carryGood posture in wrap back carryPoor posture in wrap causes back painPoor posture in wrap causes back pain
Do Stand up straight, holding your shoulders back. Don’t let your back slump or your shoulders hunch forward – you will pay for it with an achy back, neck and shoulders!

#2: Check that you are wearing your baby snugly (high and tight) against your body.   

Baby wrapped snug against body Good posture in wrap back carryBaby too low in wrap can make them fussy
Do tie the wrap as high and tight (whether on the front or back) as you can. It is pretty difficult to wrap the baby too tightly!Don’t leave room in your baby wrap for your child to lean away from you. If you have good posture and baby is leaning away from you, you will need to retie baby in more snugly in the wrap. Babies love to be snuggled securely – a loose carrier can lead to a fussy baby!

#3 Check that the tension in your wrap is even throughout the wrap.

Smooth even tension in wrap front carrySmooth even wrapUneven tension in wrap front carryUneven tension in wrap back carry
Do even out your wrap so that the tension is smooth and even all over the wrap. If you have loose spots or bits of drooping fabric, untie the knot and tighten the rails of the baby wrap first, then the body, to achieve an even fit.Don’t allow loose spots or bits of drooping fabric along the rails of your baby wrap!

#4 Check that fabric of the wrap is spread evenly and smoothly over your shoulders pulled away from your neck.

Spread fabric out over shoulderspull wrap over shoulders and away from you neckBunching up at neck makes wrap uncomfortableWrap fabric bunched up at neck is not comfortable
Do make sure the wrap is spread over the balls of your shoulders so that the carrier is does not pull on your neck. Pull the shoulders of the wrap out so that your child’s weight is being born on the ball of your shoulders. Many people find it most comfortable to bring the wrap down the arm a bit, but you can also let it rest on the top of your shoulder if that is more comfortable for you.Don’t let the the wrap creep up towards your neck – this will become very uncomfortable over time!

#5 Check that the fabric is spread out smoothly and evenly across your back.

Spread wrap across your backWrap spread across backWrap bunched up on back is uncomfortableWrap twisted on back is uncomfortable
Do pull the fabric of your wrap so that it spreads across your back as widely as possible. Reach over your shoulder and pull the top of the wrap up, then reach back behind you and pull the wrap down.Don’t let the fabric remain twisted across your back or over your shoulders. This will cause pressure points and will make wrapping uncomfortable!

Our thanks to Anna Droste-Glowinsky of Kima Life Photography for the taking the pictures!

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