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Premature Babies and Kangaroo Care

With guidance from your health care professional, premature babies may especially benefit from being worn in a baby sling. If you have a preemie, you have more than likely been educated about kangaroo care, which is the practice of holding a baby next to your skin. Research shows that kangaroo care has been shown to result in higher blood oxygen levels, improved sleep, better breastfeeding, and better weight gain.

Please note: Although the SlingLady is an experienced babywearer and has worked with parents to find proper carriers for their premature babies, she is NOT a medical professional! Always bring any carrier into your medical professional to get advice on the proper positioning and care of your newborn, and to have that professional approve your use of the carrier for your baby’s particular needs.  Additionally, before using any carrier with your premature or newborn baby, please read this article for information on safe positioning.

Best Baby Slings for Premature Babies

Here are Carry Me Away’s recommendations for the best baby carriers to use if your health care professional has approved kangaroo care in a baby carrier for you and your baby.


Wrapsody Water Wrap
Kimber Wrapsody Breeze| Wrapsody Wraps

Stretchy Wraps

Stretchy wraps are the easiest wraps to get started with. With a preemie, you want to make sure that the wrap is tied very firmly and securely behind your baby’s back. These wraps can be left on your body as you take baby in and out, which is also convenient.  Our favorite wraps with stretch in them are the Wrapsody Hybrid wraps – they are easy to use but also offer great support so they can last through toddlerhood.


Woven Wraps

Woven Wraps offer great support for your preemie. They also take the most practice to get started with. If you are already an experienced babywearer, we recommend a woven wrap for practicing kangaroo care.



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