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CMA Mini Reviews: Sakura Bloom Theory

This review of the Sakura Bloom Theory is by CMA Babywearing Team member Melinda.  Melinda is wearing the Theory in Willow. 

I consider myself a total Sakura Bloom addict (ie I don’t think my husband actually knows how many I own ?) so you can imagine how excited i was to try the Theory collection. I had heard all of these magical things about them- buttery soft out of the box, good support, beautiful colors… and you guys, IT’S ALL TRUE.

For my silk and linen ring slings I generally have some breaking in to do, especially with a young baby (you want that fabric as soft as possible). The Theory ring sling is incredibly soft from the moment you take it out of the box. So if you don’t have the time or interest in breaking in a sling I highly recommend this fabric. The fabric is also fairly thick so it stays put and you don’t have to fuss with it once you have it on- a major plus. I also love the colors these ring slings are being released in right now, perfect for the fall/winter season.

The only downside I can find with the Theory slings is that for me at least the thick fabric makes me feel hot if it is warmer than 75 degrees outside. I wore it on a 80 degree day in October and had to switch to a silk after a couple of hours. If you live in warmer climates it is something to think about. Other, is this is a beautiful carrier that even newer ring sling users could get the hang of (the fabric is not too intimidating).

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