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Babywearing Halloween Costume Roundup 2015

I love dressing up and that makes Halloween one of my favorite times of the year!  When I was little, my mom always encouraged us to create costumes out of things we had on hand, rather than buying them pre-made at the store.   So I especially love clever costumes where people think of something inventive out of clothes and household items that they already have.  But some years, it’s all we can do to get any kind of costume, so in this year’s Halloween Costume roundup, I’m featuring both fully homemade costumes as well as costumes that combine some store-bought pieces in a creative way.  Of course, all the costumes feature babywearing, since that’s pretty much our thing here, and also because I think babywearing is the obvious solution to taking a baby or toddler out trick-or-treating, especially if you also have older kids.  In addition to keeping your baby warm and cozy (and not overstimulated by all the Halloween energy), another bonus is that you can dress up the baby carrier instead of the baby.  This means you have a lot more room to get creative!

Babywearing Halloween costume: Witch with baby stew
Witch with a “baby stew” by Shannon Rivas. Shannon got two looks out of this idea – a zombie and a witch. Shannon says: ” My husband and I made it but cutting a plastic caldron in half and putting spray insulation on the top of it and painting it green. We used shoe laces to tie it around me after he sanded the edges down and drilled holes for the strings. It was very easy and comfortable!”  I especially love the baby in the cauldron – too adorable.
Super Mario Brothers, with Laura Walker Trevino and her family. I love it when families do a theme costume, maybe because my own family can never agree on one! This one is cute, creative and recognizable!
Babywearing Halloween costume: Cupcake and baker
What momma doesn’t want her little cupcake to have a great Halloween? This costume, by Krysta Marie Bechtold, is cute and creative. So sweet!
Babywearing Halloween costume: Rocket Ship
Wow, talk about crafty! Deidre Bradshaw created this  rocket costume entirely from scratch. She writes: “I made it primarily out of a shoebox box and other cardboard. It was painted white with spray paint. The engines are made from plastic cups. The fire is glittery ribbon and the black outline, windows are duck tape. For the top, I painted a party hat. I hot glued red ribbon in four places on shuttle to tie around the TULA. American flag and USA letter stickers completed the authentic look.” Not to mention the adorable astronaut!
Babywearing Halloween costume: Rocket Ship
Another rocket costume that is simply out of this world! Amber Schlossnagle’s costume is another mega- creative use of normal household objects. Amber writes: “The materials were simple! -2, 12×18″ sheets of gray foam (hot glued together) -5, 2″circular cardboard cut outs wrapped in aluminum foil -2, 6″ styrofoam circles wrapped in aluminum foil -2, 5″ circles of black felt -ribbon (red, orange, and yellow) -2 pieces of cardboard cut and painted as wings. (I hot glued the attaching edge of cardboard to a thicker piece of mat board so they were steadier to glue onto the foam.) To attach to my Tula I used twine at the top corners tied around the straps. I chose not to attach anywhere else since it made it too hard to get my son in and out. To get the Rocket to curve, I added twine across the back at the middle and bottom to bow the foam.” Looks like a blast!
Babywearing Halloween costume: Gumball Machine
Gumball Machine costume, created by Maradee Spencer. Easy, comfy and adorable – that’s my idea of a great babywearing costume!  Maradee modestly mentioned that she got the idea for the costume here
What i love about this Referee and Football costume is that it’s so simple to do, but still makes an impact. Using “the good ol’ Tula & a T-shirt trick,” she created a cute and easy look. The rest of Brittany’s family gets in on the action also, creating a fun and simple family costume!
Babywearing Halloween costume: Super Mario Brothers
Another cute family costume: lobster in a pot with, plus the Chef and Server. Aimee Monroe’s costume makes clever use of a purchased lobster costume, by attaching half a bucket to her baby carrier. Simple, but effective!
Babywearing Halloween costume: Cheerleader
Wendy Sanchez cheerleader costume makes great use of her 7 year old daughter’s cheer uniform. Wendy writes: “I followed a YouTube video for putting t shirts on your Tula and that is how I put the top on. Then I simply pinned the skirt to the top. I stuck the Pom Poms in the straps to help hide the straps bc they are purple.” I say the Pom Poms make the outfit!
Babywearing Halloween costume: Bank Robber and Money
Amanda Krupitzer’s bank robber and money sack costume combo is anther use of simple materials (plus a purchased mask) to make a cute costume!
Babywearing Halloween costume: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
Cristi Curran’s Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf costume is a creative combination of purchased items. I love that the just did the long cape for her costume – it sets the right tone without being a lot of work/money! Cristi says the wolf costume was a 4-6 kids size that just fit over her Tula.
Shannon Rigby put together this Bumblebee, flower and beekeeper costume using a purchased pieces from Amazon. The bumblebee costume is actually a dog costume (size L) that fits over her Tula carrier. I love that Shannon paired a purchased flower headpiece to go with a green dress for her part of the costume. Simple but effective! Dad’s beekeeper costume makes this another fun family ensemble.
Lindsay Amicone wonder woman
A babywearing Wonder Woman fighting crime in her Lillebaby carrier! I love that Lindsay Amicone (aka @boymomto3 on Instagram) incorporated her Lillebaby into the costume by pinning a cape on it!
Babywearing Halloween costume: Mr. Incredible and Jack Jack
David Rose’s costume is, well, incredible! David does lots of babywearing giveaways and reviews etc so go check him out! He’s @drbabywearingdad on IG and DR Babywearing Dad on Facebook.

See more great babywearing Halloween costume ideas in our posts from previous year here, here and here.  Or, check out our Babywearing Halloween costume Pinterest board for tons more inspiration!

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