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Use your baby carrier to help you get fit!

Wraposdy Wrap Duo | Wrapsody WrapsHave you made a New Year’s resolution to get fit or exercise more?  Did you know your baby carrier can help you keep it?

A huge number of parents of young children want to get in shape, or at least exercise more.  Having a new baby or young child in the home can make finding the time seem extra challenging.  The good news is, your baby carrier is a great tool for helping you reach your goal!

How your carrier can help you exercise more

1. A baby carrier makes it easy to spend time with your child WHILE exercising, so that you don’t have to choose between the two!  Most babies love the combination of closeness and motion, so chances are, they will love being included in your exercise routine.


2. Babies add a functional weight to your workout. The heavier they get, the more resistance.  Adding a 15 lb baby to your usual walk, hike or other gentle fitness routine ups the impact of every movement you make.

What kind of workout to choose while while wearing your baby

First of all, you only want to do slow and easy exercises while carrying a baby, so keep that in mind when choosing your workout.  Even a regular walk can turn into quite a workout when you add in hills and the weight of your baby!  You can also do any exercises that keep you in an upright position, such as squats, and upper body workouts using an exercise tube (rather than weights).

What carriers to choose while working out with your baby

Choose a carrier that is very secure and truly handsfree so that you don’t have a moment’s anxiety about your baby’s security.  Also choose two-shouldered carriers so that the baby’s weight is evenly distributed over your body.  Our favorite carriers for workouts are: mei tais, wraps and buckle carriers.

Do you work out with your baby? What has been your experience?


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4 Responses

  1. I absolutely love that you can exercise and bond with your baby at the same time!
    Baby slings truly have so many benefits that it makes perfect sense to implement a work out regime. My background is ring sling and I have always been a huge advocate as they encourage better bonding, discreet feeding, free up your hands (great if you have more than one child!) brilliant for Dad’s to use not to mention your baby cries less and has more of an emotional connection with the carer. To me it is a natural progression ring slings are incredibly safe and versatile, the perfect solution to your modern day parenting needs. There really is only thing left to do, try it! Toned legs and a happy baby, perfect!

    1. Marika, I could not agree more. Although I myself prefer two-shouldered carriers for working, ring slings are fabulous carriers and I recommend that every parent own one!

  2. Yes I def worked out while babywearing…so much so that I decided to create a fitness routine that other Mama’s could do together with their little ones in the comfort of their own home or even on the go with downloads and technology! If you feel it’s something you’d like to share with your readers please do! I also have The Babywearing Workout™ Health Challenges 3 times a year (they are 10 weeks long and come with a large community of support from other Babywearing Mama’s all getting fit together).

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