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  1. I just bought a becco carrier three days ago and I am just too short in the torso for it to fit correctly, also, I think the carrier is terribly uncomfortable for me and my baby (4 months). I am interested in a mei tai, but there are so many variations made by different companies – could you help me choose one that will fit better?? Here is a little bit about myself: I’m 5 feet tall (or a bit under) and I will wear my baby all the time (I’m currently holding her, and I’m just not getting anything done). Other carriers that I’ve used are the bjorn (which I’ve stopped using after excruciating neck/back pain and negative info I’ve read) and a fleece sling (again neck pain and she doesn’t care for it). I’m interested in a carrier that can be used on the back (which I know the mei tai can as well as facing the baby forward in front because she loves to look out and see what’s going on. If you need any other info from me, please just let me know. Thank you so much for your time – Gina Suarez

  2. Hi,

    I have really enjoyed wearing my 8 month old baby boy. He loved the pouch the best, but we’ve tried a little bit of everything since he outgrew it. I’m pregnant again (yikes and yay!), but don’t want to stop wearing my baby boy. Is there a carrier that works well with pregnant bellies? Maybe a hip carrier?


  3. Hi Trina, ERGO does not recommend this carry, and truthfully, the carrier is not designed for forward-facing carries.

    Do keep in mind, though, that babies only want to face forward for a few months. Once they are old enough for a hip carry, they are able to see the world pretty well that way, and don’t need forward facing carries as much. Plus, forward-facing carries are less comfy for you, since your baby is in a less ergonomic position.

    If you’re looking for a buckle carrier that does forward facing carries, I can recommend the Pikkolo!
    I also like it better for hip carry compared to the ERGO.

  4. Hello there! Are all the Pikkolos made of the same material as the Flame Pikkolo? I am wondering if any of them are softer. Thanks for your time. Jenna

  5. Hi Jenna! The fabric on the Flame Pikkolo is probably as soft as it gets. Most people find that the Pikkolo fabrics get softer over time. It’s a challenge to find fabrics that are as soft as possible, yet also sturdy!

    If you’re looking for a really soft carrier, you might think about a Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch – they are super soft!


    The SlingLady

  6. Hi Sling Lady-
    I am wondering when my son can wrap his legs around my waist in a carrier like and ergo. He is 3 1/2 months with great head control and weighs 15lbs. Thanks!! Ilana

  7. Hi Ilana, the answer to this question varies a lot by child. Some children will feel very comfortable wrapping their legs around you at your son’s age, while others will find it uncomfortable until they are 5-6 months old or even longer. The ERGO does have a wide base (in order to accomodate older children as well) which works fine for some little ones but not as well for others. Honestly, you won’t really know until you try! Many people have had success “froggying” the legs of little ones until they are comfy with legs out. You can also try one leg in and one leg out.

    Please let me know if you have other questions!


    The Sling Lady

  8. Dear Sling Lady~

    My mother-in-law got me a BabyPouch (, which for all I can tell is pretty much the same thing as the Moby (huge long piece of cloth). I’m trying it today but have run into two problems/questions:

    1) I have my son in the womb/cradle hold, but he keeps slipping down, so that now he is almost horizontal with his chin close to his chest instead of more sitting upright. Any thoughts on how to keep him more in the “right” positions? Or, do you recommend a different way of putting him in the sling as a 1month old?

    2) While my hands are technically free, it’s still relatively difficult to do things like dishes, b/c I have to reach around him to get to things. Ex: when I pull the cloth around my shoulders for more support, his head is around where my armpit is, so if I want to do anything with my left arm, I basically can only use my forearm. If I reach around/extend, it jostles his head every time.


  9. Hi Simona, while I don’t know the BabyPouch wrap, there are a few tips that might help you.

    Try your baby in an upright position, instead of a cradle carry with his head tucked into the fabric comes down over your shoulder. This will keep him upright and in a supported position. You can either put him in a semi-reclined cradle hold (slightly inclined) or in an upright carry with his tummy facing yours.

    Secondly, tie the wrap *much* tighter than you think you should. Babies feel more secure when they are snugly held.
    As far as convenience of getting things done, the upright hold should help you with the concern about banging his head. If you really want hands free, though, you might consider a wrap that can do a back-carry (like the Wrapsody Stretch or Breeze wraps) or the Kozy Carrier mei tai, which can also be used as a back carrier for an infant.

    I hope this helps!

    The SlingLady

  10. I just read your post about the new Ergo heart-2-heart insert. I’m wondering if you think that it would be possible to convert an old style infant insert into something more like the heart-2-heart insert. I already have the old one, and don’t plan on buying another one, but I like this new style. Thanks!

  11. Hello!
    I am trying to decide between your moby and your bali stretch wraps. I need a wrap that will BEST hold my newborn while I attempt hands free nursing. You see I have a toddler to chase after!
    I am not new to baby wearing. I have a Maya ring sling, a hotsling, and several SSCs. But I AM new to breast feeding while baby wearing. I could never manage it with the carriers/ slings that I already have.
    So I looking at a wrap now which I have no experience with. I am not interested in a woven wrap because if my new baby outgrows his/her stretchy wrap then I can just use another of my slings/ carriers.
    I just need something that is easiest for a beginner and yet is supportive enough for a little bitty newborn. I want to use my wrap in hands free nursing from day one.
    So which would be best for me? Moby or Bali or are they the same. I have Bali is not as stretchy. However, what is best for a little new born? More or less stretch? I have heard both but never from people who have tried both wraps.
    Well thank you so much!

  12. I didn’t mean to say I need something easiest for a beginner. I know that as far as wraps go none of them are as easy as a buckle carrier and that’s fine. I know that it is a wrap that I want. And I would prefer a stretchy wrap b/c I heard they were easier than wovens, however I don’t want to be tightening all the time. . .

  13. Hi Daye! Stretchy wraps are a great choice for breastfeeding with a newborn. I think you can’t go wrong with either a Bali Stretch or a Moby Wrap. In terms of functionality (meaning how you use them), they are the same. Based on what you’ve written, I think you may prefer a Bali Stretch wrap. It is just slighly less stretchy than the Moby, but still stretchy and comfortable. The Bali Stretch is also a bit thinner, which is something to keep in mind, with summer coming.

    That being said, either one is a great choice for nursing from day one.

    Please let me know if I can answer any more questions!

    The Sling Lady

  14. Hi, I might be a lil late to ask if I have purchased the right carrier for my family since I am waiting for CMA to dispatch my Pikkolo order. But I thought I might as well ask the Slinglady! I need the carrier to suit my whole family which consist of a petite 154cm me, a larger sized husband (he’s not tall, just wide and muscular), a 15kg 4 year old and a 8 month old cruising baby. I personally like to hip carry but would love something versatile in case the need arises to carry any other way. We travel on the public transport quite a bit and sometimes need our hands free for shopping bags. I have tried the bjorn (can’t accomodate both kids), couple of hip carriers (dig into my shoulders) and a ring sling (doesn’t seem to carry my 4 yo that well) so I hope the Pikkolo is the carrier to meet all these needs mentioned. Please tell me I’ve got it right this time?? Thank you.

  15. Hi, I bought this BECO used & was just curious if you know the name of the print? Also, about how old, what year (generation?) this came out. Thanks!

    (please excuse the poor image quality)

  16. Hi Julie! That is a Beco Butterfly 2 for sure. It’s a custom print, so it was only sold in one or two stores. I’m not sure of the name, since it wasn’t one of ours! I’ll do some asking around and get back to you if I find out more.


    The SlingLady

  17. I am a plus size mom of a 7 month old. We have a Moby Wrap that we love. Living in FL we find that it’s a little warm for the summer. We’d like to find a structured carrier that will allow more than a front carry, that is also not “complicated” for my parents to use with my daughter. What do you recommend?

  18. Hi Amber! Since you are looking for a structured carrier that isn’t too complicated, I would highly recommend the ERGO Sport. Although all carriers can be on the warm side, the Sport has a vent and breathable/wicking fabric that helps keep you and baby as cool as possible. The ERGO carriers are comfortable and easy to use for almost everyone and the Sport has greater flexibility than even the standard ERGO to accommodate plus sizes. Additionally the Sport can be used as a front carrier, a back carrier and a hip carrier (although frankly I prefer other carriers for the hip carry).

    I hope this helps and please don’t hesitate to write back if you have further questions!

    Best regards,

    The SlingLady

  19. Sling Lady, I’m wondering if I should hang on to my original Ergo and get the Performance or if the Performance would be OK for overall carrier.

    My husband thinks if we’re going to get the Performance that I should sell the original.

    I’m having a hard time letting go and want both!

    But from a practicality standpoint, I’m wondering if there really are benefits to having both or if the Performance could be the sole Ergo in our house.

    Your thoughts on it would be greatly appreciated it!

  20. I don’t like slings, I always feel like my babies are suffocating and smushed. I don’t like the moby, there is just too much fabric to get off and on quickly and easily. I like the born, my main carrier but it is hard to do things in it for the baby only sits on front. I have been looking into the ergo, like it sits on hip, how I do most of my carrying of my kids. I like the beco that the butterfly has the safety of the fabric inside, and I have read great things but can’t sit on hip. The new gemini has all the positions but is it as comfy as the butterfly (so I heard never tried) I know it doesn’t have the safety fab inside. I don’t want to invest so much money on something that I have doubts about. My kids are 2yrs, 9 months and am planning on one more. I always breast feed so that is something I would like to be able to do in the carrier also, please help. I need to invest in a carrier that is very comfy and lets me play and get stuff done with a kid in it and possibly another one hanging or dangling on my other side.

  21. Is Orlando blooms carrier just the navy color? or is it the twill navy with midnight lining? I compared his to the twill midnight color on and they look like they match go through the six photos on the imagages click on the orignal navy carrier first then go to select color and choose twill navy with midnight lining and tell me if their the same or different color and tell me wich one matches Orlando’s

  22. Hi Joni! The Navy Midnight carrier and the Twill Navy with Midnight Lining you are seeing on Amazon are the same carrier – just with slightly different names 🙂 ERGO has only made one solid Navy carrier, so that’s it! They also have the Navy carrier with Highland Plaid lining.

    Best regards,
    The Sling Lady

  23. Hi SlingLady,

    I am a first time mom and my son is 3 months old. We’ve found he only naps in the Baby Bjorn! Since I’m new to babywearing, I wanted to know if it’s ok if babies consistently nap in an upright carrier. Should I be trying to wean him from being carried?

    Also, I’d like to nurse in a carrier. My breasts are larger so I don’t know if that is possible.

    Thanks and I appreciate the help.

    1. Hi Jen, thanks for writing! You will find varying opinions on this topic for sure. It’s my belief that at the age of 3 months, you can do whatever it takes to get baby to nap, whether it be carrying him, rocking him, singing, whatever works! The main issue is whether he will get so used to sleeping in the carrier that he can’t fall asleep anywhere else, but I think that this can be addressed down the road. Most sleep experts seems to think that the optimal time to start sleep training and such is between 4-6 months. At that time, you may decide to try and vary the ways that your baby can get to sleep.

      While it is possible to nurse in a carrier like the Bjorn (by loosening the straps and letting him nurse upright), they don’t provide much coverage! I personally like ring slings for nursing in, since the tail can be used as a built in cover-up and they allow for lying-down nursing.

      I hope this helps and please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

  24. I was wondering if there is a height limit for the Beco Butterfly II? My son just turned 2 and is a little over 3ft tall. I wear him in a back carry and lately he just looks too tall for it. If he’s over the height limit is there another carrier that would work better? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jamie! There is no height limit to the Beco Butterfly that I am aware of. Most two year olds should comfortably fit in the Butterfly. To tell you more, I would need to know what aspect of the carrier seems too small. If it is the base, then I might consider an ERGO carrier – some people find them more comfortable for older kids. However, the back on the ERGO is actually shorter that that of the Butterfly, so other people prefer the Butterfly. It is fine for him to stick out the top as long as both he and you are comfortable! I hope this helps, and if not, please write back!

      Best regards,
      The Sling Lady

  25. Hi! I have been using a moby wrap for my son and LOVE it! However, we live in the south and it is already much too hot for so much material. I love this design because I have terrible lower back pain and this has such great overall support. Affordability is key. Can you steer me in the right direction of a lightweight, inexpensive, yet durable wrap that I can use like a moby?
    Thanks so much for this great servie!

    1. Hi Darla, I’m so glad to hear that you love your Moby, they are great starter carriers! If you are looking for a wrap that is lighter and more breathable for summer, then I can recommend two options for you: the Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid and the Wrapsody Breeze. Both of these carriers are also relatively affordable as far as baby carriers go!

      The Breeze is made of gauze woven material and babywearers everywhere recommend it as the best wrap for summer. It is about as light as a wrap can get. However, it is a woven wrap, which means that it isn’t stretchy, so it doesn’t have the same “poppability” as the Moby. Most people wrap the baby into the carrier instead of putting the carrier on and then putting the baby in.

      The Stretch is another great alternative. It is very similar to the Moby, but the material is less stretchy than the Moby and also much lighter and cooler. You’ll be able to use the Stretch even as your child gets older and it’s also appropriate for back carries. However, it’s not quite as light and airy as the Breeze.

      I hope this helps and let me know if I can be of further assistance!

      Best regards,
      The Sling Lady

  26. Hi,
    I have a 3-year-old who wanted to be carried all the time when she was little. We had a hand-me-down bjorn we used a couple of times and never really could figure out the pouch that someone gave us. We ended up just carrying her in our arms. Now i am due in 2 weeks to have another baby and (with a busy toddler at home) i am much more committed to learning how to babywear this time around. I really like the mei tai and it looks much easier to use than the other stuff we tried, but am considering whether to get a 2nd carrier like ring sling maybe that i wont need to tie (so i can put baby in it one-handed, without having to put her down somewhere first). Considering how lame i was the first time around, what doyou recommend? Can i get by with just the mei tai? I want to be able to nurse in it too.

    1. Hi Samra, thank you for writing!

      I think a mei tai and a ring sling make a great combo for a newborn! I love a mei tai and think you could probably get by with just that if you are looking for one carrier. I used mine a lot with my second, because I could put her on my back in the Kozy, even from a young age, which was great when I was chasing my toddler about. You’d have to master nursing in the upright position to be able to nurse in it, though. A ring sling is definitely a bit faster and you should be able to pop baby in and out more quickly. They are also easier to nurse in.

      Don’t beat yourself up about not doing more with baby carriers with your first 🙂 Having a baby is overwhelming enough, and we just do what we can do! What I do recommend, no matter what carrier you buy, is mastering one first, and then moving to the second. You can decide which one seems easier or more natural for you. So for example, if that is the mei tai, you would do that first and then, when you are dying for something more poppable, or that you can nurse in more easily, you take out the ring sling.

      I hope this helps, and please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

      Best regards,

      The Sling Lady

  27. Hi! I have a 24lb 7 month old and am looking for a carrier. I have a Beco Gemini that I love (I bought it at your recommendation! Thank you!), but I feel that the thick padding is too warm in the hot, humid summer weather here (I live in Boston). I have a ring sling I use for short trips as well, but I need something that goes across both shoulders for longer carries. I have tried the Ergo since everyone seems to recommend it, but find it very uncomfortable. I thought it was big and bulky too–maybe this is becuase I am rather petit. Is there anything that is thin (little padding to keep the little one cool), easy to use, and supportive (remember, he’s 24+lbs)? I also like the way you can cross the straps of the Gemini, instead of using them backpack style. Is there perhaps a carrier that allows you to do this? Thank you!

  28. Hi
    I need a carrier for my 13 month old what do you recommend a beco butterfly 2 or a ergo performance.


  29. I am a plus size mama with very large breasts who is having a hard time with finding a comfortable side carier for my 6 month old. Please help!

        1. Hi Dee, I think a Tula Baby Carrier is the way to go. Tulas have extra adjustability at the shoulder which means you can adjust how far or close baby is to you. Perfect for large-busted mamas!

  30. My 3mo old is 25 inches tall and 12 lbs (tall and skinny). I cannot get him to froggy style his legs while using the ring sling. He straightens his body and his legs dangle from the sling. Any advice on how to get his bottom to be lowered below his knees??

  31. Hello! I am hoping you can help me. I have a 6 year old and a 9 month old and we are getting ready for a big trip abroad. The moby worked great when my daughter was an infant, but now she slides down too much. I love the scootababy for at home but want something I can wear for longer time periods. I have tried the ergo and beco and boba but all of them cut my breasts with the side strap (I am full figured). I tried on a babyhawk and it felt perfect, but my daughter’s head was already above the fabric, so if she fell asleep, I think her head might flop around. I’ve been trying to do research to see if other mamas have used the toddler babyhawk (even tho it’s recommended for 18 months plus). It sounds like people have rolled it and it’s worked fine. any ideas or thoughts? Or are there other mei teis out there that are longer for napping babies’ heads or a kind of canopy thing like on the ergo? I really appreciate your help!!

    1. Hi Suzy, thank you for writing to the Sling Lady blog!

      Since mei tai carriers seem to work for you, you might try the Catbird Baby mei tai – some of them have hoods (you need to read the description to make sure the one you are ordering does).

      Alternatively, I think the Baby Hawk Toddler Carrier would probably work well. It’s one of the longer bodied carriers out there. The Kozy Carrier mei tai is another option, but it’s only 22″ long so that might not be long enough to act as a headrest.

  32. Dear Sling Lady,
    My question is similar to Linda’s below. My LO is 2 and a half months old and is long and lean also. I too struggle to get her to have frog legs and they just dangle down from the ring sling. Any advice would be much appreciated.


  33. Hi Sling Lady!

    My 2 month old loves being held but hates to be in a sling, wrap, or carrier. I have a moby wrap, maya sling, and ergo. I have better success with the moby but that’s few and far between. Any suggestions to get him comfortable being in any one of these? I’m desperate to be hands free!


  34. I have been searching for the Kangaroo Korner Fleece Sling and found someone who says they have the Kangaroo sling in Chambray, not fleece. I was told it is a cotton fabric like the faux denim shirts and dresses that are popular right now. Otherwise, the sling is just like the fleece ones except it is a stretch cotton which is just a touch less stretchy than the fleece. I have not been able to find any information about this material and have only really heard/read about the fleece one. Have you?

    1. Hi Faith! You are reminding me of how very sad it is that Kangaroo Korner went out of business. 🙁 Anyways, they did also make versions of their pouches in other fabrics and they may certainly have made them in a chambray fabric. They had so many fabrics that even though I was a retailer, I can’t remember all of them! Regardless of the fabric on the sling, the shoulder was always fleece and there were several rows of snaps (the adjustable part). Since I loved the fleece carriers, I personally only liked cotton ones if they were pretty stretchy cotton, but many people preferred the ones with less stretch to the cotton. Either way, it is probably worth trying!

  35. Dear Sling Lady,

    Hello. I have a son, 7 months and a week, who is long and lean (29 inches, 18 pounds). He doesn’t have the best neck/head control – especially due to his very large head – but he’s improving. I would love to carry him on my back, so that I can get chores done (such as washing dishes, bottles, laundry, etc.). Can you recommend a back carrier or something that provides excellent and safe head & neck support?
    I currently have a bjorn, but what I’m reading sounds like it places stress on a baby’s crotch. I’m now especially concerned with any carrier, wrap, etc, because he’s a boy. Most of what I read says you can’t carry a baby on your back unless he has full neck/head control, but, I’ve seen pictures and maybe read that in Japan, moms carry very young babies on their back, using something that provides head support. I’d love to hear what you recommend.
    Thanks very much, V (p.s. I’d prefer if you not use my name if you print this, thanks.)

    1. Hi there, thank you for writing! Does your baby have developmental delays as far as his head/neck control, or is it just that he doesn’t have full control yet? The carriers that I generally recommend for back carrying before full head control is the Kozy carrier mei tai (long body, with head support). If you’d rather have a buckle carrier, I would probably look at a carrier that has a longer body, such as the new Beco Soleil, the Boba 3G or the Beco Gemini. These all have longer bodies and headrest that can provide a bit extra support for a head that is still gaining control. However, if baby has developmental delays, I would talk with a doctor before doing back carries! I hope this helps and please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

  36. Sorry, forgot to add to my question (for the 7-month, 1 week son/ back carrier): For any recommendation you have, is there something that would also be good for the hot & humid summer?

  37. Dear Sling Lady,

    I noticed there are already a couple of questions about babies that are unhappy to be put in the frog legged position, here is another one.

    My 3 months old tends to keep her legs quite straight when not in the carrier, she has done that almost from the beginning. When I hold her on my lap she always tries to straighten her legs and “stand”.

    I have several carriers – a Manduca buckle carrier, which has a newborn insert that keeps the legs inside in the frog legged position, a ring sling (Maya) and a Wrap (Didymos), which I tie in the Front Wrap Cross Carry – that one is the only one I can use without tears, but only if I don’t tie a proper deep seat, so my daughter is dangling a little bit on the two cross sections (not as much as if she were in a Bjorn carrier or similar! She is still sitting, just not as deep, if that makes sense). In the ring sling she is trying to stretch her legs so much that I worry that she might slip out when she gets a bit stronger…

    Should I keep forcing her in the frog legged position (she cries, but falls asleep after a short while)? Or is there another solution? And could there be a physical / medical reason that she doesn’t like to bend her legs too much?

    Any help is appreciated!

    1. Hi Tilly! It is always possible that there is a medical reason that she doesn’t like to bend her legs, so that is certainly something to check with your doctor about first. That being said, there are a number of babies that don’t love to have their legs confined.

      Many people actually recommend legs out carries even from birth. Have you tried a legs out carry front carry in your ring sling? She is starting to get old enough that a hip carry isn’t far away, either!

      I hope this helps and let me know if I can be of further assistance!

      Best regards,
      The Sling Lady

  38. Hi,

    Do you have a preference between the Ergo and the Beco Soleil? I like that the Ergo has organic options other than black, but I like the extra head and neck padding on the Soleil. The body of the Soleil is also wider and taller which would be great for my 2.5 year old girl , but is it too high for my 4 month old who would grow out of the infant insert soon? I’m 5’4″ and 120lbs if that helps with fit.

    Thanks!! Sara

    1. Hi Sara, thanks for writing! I can honestly say that I love both the ERGO and the Beco Soleil baby carriers. It’s pretty hard to choose one over the other! I don’t think you will regret either one. I myself wore an ERGO with my little ones and loved it so it has a special place in my heart. But the Beco Soleil is pretty great in that it is extra supportive for bigger kids but still works for the little guys. I would not say the ERGO will necessarily be better for your littler one, though, as they do both have wider bases. The ERGO does have a shorter back which may allow your little one to put his arms out, where the Soleil would likely come up behind his back and shoulders and possible even his head.

      I will say that fit-wise mamas do prefer the Beco carriers as the straps are slimmer around the shoulders. I guess I lean slightly towards the Soleil but the ERGO is worth every penny, too!

      I hope this helps and please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

    1. Hi Jen! The Maya Wrap and Moby Wrap both share the word “Wrap” in their name, but are otherwise quite different carriers, each wonderful in their own way. Maya Wrap is actually a ring sling (it had the name long before “wrap” was in the common vernacular in the US 🙂 ) and is faster and easier to put on than the Moby. It is also one-shouldered, so can be harder on the body, especially as baby gets heavier. However, it can also be used for several years as a hip carrier for shorter carries and easy up/down. The Moby is actually a wrap carrier, a long piece of fabric that wraps around your body. It is very supportive and comfortable, even for longer carries. It’s a wonderful newborn carrier, but most people find that they need another carrier by about six months or so, as the Moby’s stretch makes it less supportive as babies get heavier.

      I hope this help and please don’t hesitate to write back if I can be of further assistance!

      Best regards,
      The Sling Lady

  39. Hi! I tried looking for the answer to my question but I can’t find anything to help me make the final decision on a carrier. I just had my 3rd child and got out my Bjorn the other day. My lower back was sore by the end of the hour wearing it which didn’t happen with the others until they were older, so I need a carrier that will help with that. I’ve decided on an Ergo but I can’t determine which one is best for me. i live in Southern California so it doesn’t get extremely hot or cold for the most part, but carrying a child around does get hot. I’m 5’8″ and my husband is 6’2″ so our kids are on the taller end. I’ve read positive and negative about the original, performance and sport carriers but the negatives make me nervous about committing to one. Do you have any first hand knowledge or suggestions to help me choose one? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Laura, thank you for writing! How old is your baby? I love the ERGO carrier but I really think it works best with babies 5-6 months and up. If you are looking for a buckle carrier to use with a newborn, I personally recommend the Beco Gemini or the Pikkolo carrier (with a support belt, since you are having back pain with the Bjorn). The Gemini does have a padded body so it can be a bit warm in hot weather, but most SoCal weather works fine with it!

      If you really want an ERGO, I don’t think you can go wrong with either the Original or the Performance. I like the Sport, too, but it is a tad less supportive than the others, so I don’t love it as well if it’s to be your only carrier. If your baby is younger than three months, you will for sure need the ERGOBaby infant insert whichever carrier you choose.

      I hope this helps, and please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

      Laurel McCarthy aka The SlingLady

  40. I am going to Disney World with my daughter who will be 4 1/2 months at the time and have been looking at purchasing the Beco soleil for the trip. I currently use the Moby, but don’t want to deal with the time it takes to put on and afraid it will be too warm in the Florida heat. However, I’m concerned about the Soleil and if my daughter will fit in it, being that she will only be 4 1/2 months and if she will enjoy being in this carrier for long periods of time???

    1. Hi Heather! The Soleil is a great carrier. it’s really new, so I don’t have as much experience with it yet and what I’ve heard about using it with younger babies has varied somewhat. Some people have loved it with babies the same age as yours, some have felt they have still needed the infant insert, and some have preferred to use the Beco Gemini, which is geared towards younger kids. I do find that both Becos are quite comfy and that babies generally do well being in them for hours on end!

      I also posted this question on our FB page to see if anyone there has feedback for you:

      Best regards,
      The Sling Lady

  41. I have a 6 week old and I’m a ftm. She, of course, can’t hold her head up just yet and I was wondering what type of sling/wrap would be best for a baby her age.

    1. Hi Danielle, thanks for writing and sorry for the delay in getting back to you! There are a bunch of carriers that are great for babies your little one’s age. I really think a full time mama needs at least two: a ring sling to quickly pop baby in and out of (they can be used as hip carriers when she gets older) and a two-shouldered carrier for longer wearing. Good choices are stretchy wraps, like the Moby or Wrapsody Stretch, a mei tai like the Kozy Carrier or a buckle carrier for infants, such as the Beco Gemini.

      I hope this helps, and please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

      Best regards,
      The Sling Lady

  42. I’m making a rung sling which will be best to make it with I found 100% cotton twill and i found stretch twill I cant remember % of cotton on that thanks.

  43. Hi there,
    I have an 12 week old that is especially strong and feisty. He can hold his head up very well and is already in the bumbo chair. I have the maya wrap and he used to fall asleep in it no problem. He now prefers to be held Facing out and is not very snugly . I want continue with my sling but find he is unhappy in froggy now. His is a little on the long side as well. Is there a position I can use with my wrap?


    1. Hi Jules, thank you for writing! I can think of two positions to try, one is the forward facing froggy position in the sling, where is he still frog-legged inside the sling, but he is facing out and can look around. Since he has good head control, you might also try him in a hip carry!

      I hope this helps, and please let me know if I can be of further assistance!


      The Sling Lady

  44. Hi

    Could you help me out, I just got the Ergo 360 carrier and I’m a plus size, I’m trying to get it to a breastfeeding position with the Infant Insert included as my baby is just 3 weeks old, but I just can’t. The side straps are difficult for me to reach them and the baby seem to be too far up to feed or everything is loose so not very secure, I’m just trying to figure this out, hope you can help.

    1. Hi Flor, I’m so sorry you are having trouble! To be honest, I think that achieving a hands-free breastfeeding position with an infant in the Ergo (or most other buckle carriers) is virtually impossible. Mamas do breastfeed old infants once they are sitting up, but juggling the infant insert and a newborn with no head control is pretty tough! The Ergobaby 360 is a great carrier in other ways, but I would honestly look to something like a stretch wrap or a ring sling for breastfeeding at this age!

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